Dear Angeline

Did you know…I bet you didn’t know that your neice was completely unable to reflect on her own life. She can’t make the connection that her action has consequences. She claims that after 9 years she doesn’t understand my senee of humor. What?!

The most hurtful thing auntie is that she has been lying for all these years. “I didn’t believe your feelings.” What is that? How do you not believe someone’s feelings? It’s absurd…completely absurd. I’m not talking about a coworker. My wife. I spend my intimate moments with her. I make myself vulnerable to her and that is what I got for years. How could anyone stay with a person like that?

I felt demeaned. Judged. I felt unbelieved for way too long. Looking into blank eyes as you plead for love. Sure there were times she treated me well…when she paid the bills. I cooked, did the laundry and barely got a thank you. I put myself out there for love, but I have no idea what she was doing. 


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